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A unique synergy of behavioral design thinking and creative expression.

We’re all problem-solvers at heart, using our own innate curiosity, multi-functional strategy and design capabilities, and hands-on know-how to make transformative design solutions that work for a living. Since our founding in 1957, we've crafted a unique, human-centered approach that brings together behavioral design thinking and creative expression to offer solutions that change behaviors, grow businesses, and change the world around us.

That means we go into the field ourselves, observing, auditing, interviewing, and researching our clients’ end users in context to unearth their specific challenges and unlock relevant insights. We create cohesive solutions to real business problems and activate those solutions in the market at an enviably high rate.

Our offices in Syracuse, Cincinnati, Detroit, and New York City form an interconnected family of multifunctional studios specializing in a range of strategic design capabilities, from product and packaging design, retail shopper-based design for brands and categories, digital content and UX/UI design for screens of every nature, and design for immersive physical and digital experiences and services.

As brand experience experts within the FutureBrand family, we're 125+ multifaceted individuals who come together every day to understand what is, imagine what could be, and make what should be.

Our values represent who we are at our core, and we uphold them every day to ensure we’re always being true to ourselves and what we stand for.

We respect each other and check our egos. This translates to the work we do as well as the way we do it. Having innate empathy and curiosity for the end users and project partners makes our work stronger.

We always try to be willing and optimistic about jumping into opportunities or issues as they arise. The energy we give and get from being flexible, kinetic consultants and design thinkers when we’re solving problems makes us better at our jobs.

We’re curious, dedicated, driven, and passionate about our work and what we do as a collective whole. And because enthusiasm and commitment are necessary but aren’t quite enough on their own, we make sure we’re demonstrably talented at what we do.

Our work is complex, time-sensitive, and multi-dimensional enough to require flawless collaboration. So, we lean on one another. We listen to each other. We learn from each other. And, above all, we act with empathy inside and outside our organization.

Our Capabilities

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  • In-house Behavioral Research
  • Insights and Foresight Development
  • Journey Mapping and Experience Strategy
  • Collaborative Ideation Workshopping
  • Creative Strategy and Visioning
  • UX Strategy
  • Product Innovation and Roadmapping
  • Industrial Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Branded Retail Design
  • Branded Environments
  • Branded Merchandising
  • Branded Temporary Experiences
  • Branded Innovation and Experience Centers
  • Internal Brand Launch Experiences
  • Retail Category Reinvention
  • Retail Digital Channel Optimization
  • Retailer sell-in strategy
  • Service design
  • Digital Experience Design
  • Content Creation and Development
  • Data Visualization and Storytelling
  • Motion Design
  • Virtual, Augmented & Extended Reality Design
  • Prototyping and Modeling
  • Design Documentation and Implementation
  • Architecture and Roll-outs
  • Retail Physical Lab Testing
  • VR Retail Lab Testing
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Our Company Structure

We’re brand experience experts in the FutureBrand family, together creating holistic brand transformation.

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Makes transformative brand experiences of all types: product, packaging, retail, experiential, digital, and beyond.

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Creates shopper-based solutions that drive growth at retail for select clients.

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Designs unique and compelling branded environments, including full architectural and environmental design services.

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