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As the primary provider of healthcare on Disney’s campus, AdventHealth plays a key role in keeping people healthy while they enjoy the magic that Disney has to offer. runDisney events are one such way that AdventHealth’s work is crucial to Disney by way of providing race-day support, education, and guidance to runners.

AdventHealth’s runDisney expo booth not only communicates this partnership, but also communicates AdventHealth’s greater messaging goals​. The ultimate direction of the expo booth encouraged visitors, runners, and Disney fans alike to appreciate the importance of mindfulness and balance—in a race, a visit, and life at large.

This experience leaned into engagement and interactivity, allowing guests to respond, reflect, and relax away from the energy and chaos of their surroundings. Intuitive stations imparted education on Mind, Body, and Spiritual Wellness, ultimately showcasing AdventHealth’s comprehensive capabilities and thoughtful approach to whole-person health.

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From initial concepting, to design, to fabrication, to installation, our collaborative teams created an experience that not only made a lasting impact on guests but told a rich story through powerful design. Lasting for two runDisney seasons that span 8 events, our work brings to life the AdventHealth legacy and underscores the power of human-centered design.

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