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The American Express Shop at Barclays Center

Concession stands are a classic part of sporting and entertainment events. But they can also be a burden: wasted time in long lines means missing out on the action. What if there was a store where you could walk in, serve yourself, and walk out without exchanging cash or card with a cashier to get back to the event sooner?

Tasked with pioneering the contactless payment revolution and solving the #1 fan pain-point of long lines, ChaseDesign worked collaboratively with American Express, Momentum, BSE Global, and Levy Restaurants to create the American Express Shop at Barclays Center. Delivering a checkout-free shopping experience exclusively for American Express Card Members, and offering both concessions and merchandise items, the shop completely eliminated wait time and increased the average order size.

A project that started out as an idea, positioned American Express as an innovative brand with the ability to grow scale and interest globally, as well as accomplish several goals.

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Leveraging our ability to design experiential environments based on our understanding of human cognitive and shopping behavior, we dove deeper into the real experience to uncover key insights: 94% of in-venue survey respondents noted they buy food & beverages in venues. 58% would spend more if they didn’t have to wait in lines. Forecast 2-4 minute dwell time vs. 15-minute average at concessions

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