Husqvarna Chase Design Cover


Creating a Transformative In-Aisle Experience

Chainsaw users engage with the category as enthusiasts: they have a deep passion for the product, and shop with a set of rigorously high standards. So, when they're browsing in store, they seek a product that performs at a caliber high enough for professionals—a standard that Husqvarna lives up to.

However, shoppers were facing barriers in stores when it came to Husqvarna products. A lack of brand distinction, tactile opportunities, and comparison tools led Husqvarna to often be overlooked at the shelf. To tackle this problem head on, we set out to stop enthusiasts in their tracks by creating a no-miss, immersive, educational shelf experience.

We started with enhancing Husqvarna's brand presence to make them the focal point of the category, drawing shoppers in. Once their attention was captured, they could take advantage of a refreshed and renewed shopping experience, complete with a new packaging structure that allowed them to truly see the product and an improved communication hierarchy for effortless consideration and decision-making.

To create a truly seamless shopping experience, we overhauled the existing shelf mounting structure to create an innovative mounting system that was ergonomically designed to make physical interaction intuitive, easy, and comfortable. This tactile and experiential shopping experience is critical for enthusiasts who want to test the weight, feel, and build of the product to ensure a truly informed and confident purchase.

Husqvarna Before Chase Design 01
Husqvarna Chase Design 02
Husqvarna Chase Design 08
Husqvarna Chase Design 03
Husqvarna Chase Design 04
Husqvarna Chase Design 05

Between creating a patent-protected mounting structure, a rollout in hundreds of stores, extraordinary sales lifts, and beyond, there's no doubt that our reimagination of the chainsaw aisle was as effective as it was innovative.

Husqvarna Chase Design 06
Husqvarna Chase Design 07

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