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James Hardie Silobrations at Magnolia Market

James Hardie is a trusted world leader in home siding. Magnolia Home is a décor sensation. Together, they bring beautiful, long-lasting home siding options that can “transform your home into your favorite place to be.” For the 2022 annual Silobrations event at the Magnolia Farms campus in Waco, TX, James Hardie needed an interactive experience that helped consumers better understand their home siding options while also raising awareness of the Magnolia Home | James Hardie collection and inspiring new project ideas.

Threading discovery, education, and inspiration into one “Instagrammable” experience, our team broke down each moment of the visitor’s journey into discrete “homes” that showcased the best of both brands. With each “home” fitted in different siding styles and colors, the exterior beautifully showcased possible combinations, while the interior inspired and educated in true Magnolia fashion.

James Hardie Chase Design 02
James Hardie Chase Design 03
James Hardie Chase Design 04
James Hardie Chase Design 05
James Hardie Chase Design 06
James Hardie Chase Design 07

The experience was bookended by two Inspiration Workshop “homes” that bring Joanna Gaines’s shop to life, with additional “homes” that showcase the easy-to-follow James Hardie re-siding process and the benefits of James Hardie products. Moments of interactivity and engagement were woven throughout, allowing guests to be a part of the experience while they explored. This combination of inspiration and education gave visitors the excitement and information they needed to start imagining their own James Hardie projects.

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James Hardie Chase Design 09
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