Nepresso Chase Design Cover


Nespresso In-Store & Digital Experience Design

Nespresso, a global powerhouse in at-home coffee experiences, was facing unfamiliarity with their brand, products, and machine lines among the U.S. market they were trying to break into, ultimately making purchases in store difficult for U.S. consumers. Nespresso wanted to develop an at-shelf communication strategy that communicated the premium nature of their brand while educating shoppers on their products and helping them to deselect across machines and purchase the right product for them.

Developing a new at-shelf communication strategy addressing confusion shoppers face in store, we tested these strategies with real shoppers to determine which approach best resonates in the in-store environment. This included education on the differences in machine lines, identifying information that’s most relevant to shoppers when considering machines, communicating the premium nature of the Nespresso brand, and identifying basket-building opportunities—all packaged in a concise, easy to understand hierarchy.

Based on shopper testing and feedback, the strategy was revised and refined to get to a final set of assets as part of a comprehensive kit of parts to be uses across all in-store executions. We also developed semi-custom solutions in a good/better/best format to address different physical/layout circumstances, as well as different cost investments, in order to drive education, brand awareness, and consistency amongst any and all priority retailers.

Nespresso Chase Design 02
Nespresso Chase Design 03
Nespresso Chase Design 04
Nespresso Chase Design 05
Nespresso Chase Design 06

The kit of parts continues to be utilized by Nespresso as part of their sell-in materials with retailers, and we have continued to expand their in-store communication tools as brand awareness and priority communications have evolved over time.

Nespresso Chase Design 08
Nespresso Chase Design 09
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